Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome News and my first tutorial!

I have a new store!! has been kind enough to offer me a home and my store is officially open!! In celebration of the grand opening and my birthday I am having a sale all month!!!

It is also CSD's birthday and they have lots of fun stuff going on this month! Including a blog train, lots of sales and a treasure hunt! Here are some previews...

You can find the blog roll for the train HERE and be sure to stop by CSD to find out about all of the other goodies!

OK now for my first ever tutorial!! This is going to show how I do the soft color efect that the pictures in my header have been treated with. This is created using Photoshop CS so I am not sure how it will relate to other programs but the general process I am sure can be duplicated. I am going to use my favorite picture of my oldest baby girl as an example. So first you want to open and resize. I like to use a 4x6 to start with most layouts so that is what this is set too. Here is your first screen...

now you want to go to Image>Image size and use these settings for a print resolution picture.

next I like to sharpen a little so I go to filter>sharpen>unsharp mask...

Now I like to keep the amount low and use the radius to do maost of the sharpening to avoid over pixilating. The settings I used here are amount=40, radius=4.0, and threshold=0.
The next step is to duplicate the picture 2 times so that you end up with 3 copies of the same picture. You can either right click and select duplicate layer or you can go to Layer>Duplicate Layer. Now you go to your second layer and change the blending mode to screen and then to the top layer and change the blending mode to soft light. After this select the circle at the bottom of the layer pallete and choose chanel mixer. Your screen should look something like this...

Now check the monochrome box at the bottom and I always use 100% red channel because of the soft glowy look it gives skin in portraits but you can experiment with different % in each channel if you would like. Here is what my box looks like...

Now finally take the channel mixer layer and pull it down below both of the duplicate layers. Now you can adjust the opacity on the top two layers to get the look you are going for and you are done! Here is the final screen and you can also see the final picture in my header also.

I also made an action of my steps for this tutorial and I am giving is away as a participation prize in my brand new photogrpahy challenges at both and Be sure to go by and join in the fun to get the action for free! Hope you enjoyed and as always have a great day and happy scrapping!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Release and a Freebie!

My new kit Summer Blues is in the store today!! It will be 50% off from today until Sunday so be sure to head on over to Scrap Bird and pick it up! I had soooo much fun with this kit and it is my favorite so far! Here is a preview and some lovely layouts from me and some other very talented ladies :)

layouts by me

layout by Stephanie

layout by Rose

layout by Kay

And as if the kit wasn't enough I made and add on sampler with some neat word art, velum strips and a really cute buggy!

I am also still in search of some lovely ladies to be on my Creative Team so if you are interested please e-mail me at I require 2 layouts per kit posted to 3 galleries and hope to release 2 kits a month. I also would like some enabling and blog posts (if you have a blog) for each kit. Hope to hear from you and as always have a great day and happy scrapping!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Mommy Tip

So I don't know if anyone has heard of Once Upon A Child but if you have kids who wear clothes up to size 14 you should check it out for sure! I LOVE that place! You can sell your gently used clothes and also get great deals on brand name clothes that aren't stained or completely worn out. I love Old Navy, Baby Gap, Target and Children's Place for the girls because they seem to fit well on my TALL children and I can get them super cheap there! Jeans are only like $5.50 for Aubrey (3T) and shirts I can get anywhere from $2.50-$4.50! Awesome savings! So if there is one in your area be sure to check it out cause I know everyone is looking to save a little money here lately :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Freebie Friday on Saturday :)

Sorry this has to be short and sweet! Here is your Friday freebie, sorry it is on Saturday but better late than never! It is an add on cluster Frame for my kit Backyard Dreams. Hope you like it! Also I have a new kit coming soon so keep your eyes open!

Download Here

And as always have a great day (well night) and happy scrapping!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freebie Friday

Well it is almost Saturday so I will have to postpone Friday's Freebie until then...Sorry I haven't been home much today and school starts next week so got lots going on here! I'll be back tomorrow for sure! Have a great night and happy scrapping :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Release and a Freebie

New release from ME today!! I finally got a little something done on the design end of things and made this quickpage album with my kit Backyard Dreams. It is on sale today through Friday 50% off! So go head over and pick it up at Scrap Bird Also Scrap Bird is having a weekly sale called Crazy Thursdays and they have select products on sale 50% off that day. I will have both Backyard Dreams and Love Story on sale 50% off tomorrow as part of the sale! So you could get all three products for 50% off tomorrow!

I also have a little freebie add on for you. One more coordinating quickpage that is NOT in the album in the store :) Just a bonus so if you like it you can go buy the album (wink, wink)

You can download HERE

Also my kit Love Story (below) is on sale at Stone Accents Studio for $2.50 so be sure to head over and take a look!
OK enough of the product stuff...and if you made it this far thanks for reading and not just pulling a grab and go! I was chosen to be a covergirl at Scrapbook Graphics for the month of October!! Yay!! :) I don't know if I had said that yet but I am so excited! (can you tell? I already added my blinkie to my I can't wait for October. I also would really like to participate in a blog train for October if anyone knows of any please drop me a line on here! I know of a few but was just wondering if anyone knew of anything really cool or one with some familiar faces. So as always have a great day and happy scrapping!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Releases from DID

Lots of cool new Releases from the fantastic designers at Designs in Digital! Here are two the first is from RK Designs and the second is from Page Frocks. Both are gorgeous and of course I have included some layouts that I did so you can see them in action :)

You can pick up this kit HERE

and it will be on sale 50% off today and 30% off through Sat.

You can get this kit HERE
and it is also 50% off today and 30% off through Saturday
She also has a fabulous free Quick Page for you HERE

Also Designs in Digital
is having a speed scrap tonight Wed night at 8pm CST so if you can make it come! It is alot of fun and you also get this awesome participation prize....

Also if you tried to download the previous Love Story quickpage and couldn't try again please...It was brought to my attention that all of my download links were password protected so I fixed that. Sorry! Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Freebie Friday etc...

Wow so I am way late with this post but my day has been hell on wheels....cable/internet out, 4 crying children under 4, messy apartment, no groceries, etc, etc, etc. I feel like crying myself. But two are asleep now so I have a minute possibly only a minute so I better get to the point! Just a reminder that Page Frocks is having a CT call and the deadline is tomorrow so get your apps in today!!! She really is great to work with and you can find her blog
HERE Also RK Designs has this very cute kit Sugar and Spice that you should check out!! Here is a preview and LO I did with this very cute kit.

It would be perfect for a baby girl congrats card or announcement of some sort! Very cute colors! Ok so now for your freebie! It is a quickpage made from my Love Story kit which got accepted and listed in the Stone Accents Studio New Designer Program!! Yay! You can find it HERE

Hope you like it! Once again have a great day and happy scrapping!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SSS Bragbook

Just a little heads up Page Frocks released a brag book to go along with Sweet Sweet Summertime.
This is one of my favorite kits by her to date! You can pick up the brag book HERE. Have a great day and happy scrapping :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CT Call and GREAT Layouts

I am having a CT Call!! I need some talented scrappers to help me promote my products :) So if you are interested here are the details.....

-2 layouts per kit
-Post in min of 3 galleries: Scrapbird, DST and one of your choice
-Enable and play praise game at DST
-Have an up to date blog and be willing to blog about my products
-Enjoy and promote my products!
-Have Fun

If interested please e-mail me at with a link to your most complete gallery, a link to your blog, a little about you and why you would like to be considered for my CT!

And if you would like to see what my kit Backyard Dreams can do look at these AMAZING layouts that Lori of Page Frocksand Laura generously made for me!

These ladies are sooo amazing! Big thanks to them for sharing their amazing talent and time with me! You can pick up Backyard Dreams HERE. Thanks for looking, Have a great day and Happy Scrapping! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have a store!! I am now selling my designs at under the name Lily Rose Scraps.
I am sooooooo excited! I only have three products in there right now but I am very proud of my three little products! Here are the previews....
Be sure to go check it out! They are all on sale 30% off until Aug 21st and you can find them HERE

Have a great day and happy scrapping!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guest CT and a RAK!

I was recently asked to guest CT for the fabulous Misty O'Brien for her colab kit with Jen Yurko. This kit is absolutley gorgeous and so much fun to work with! Here are some sample layouts from me and some of each designers other CT members.

It will be on sale through the weekend for 20% off
You can find the kit at Misty's Store and at Jen's Store, also be sure to check out Jen's Blog and Misty's Blog !
And here is a little freebie quick page I made using this fabulous kit!

Download HERE

Now for some more exciting news!! Lori of Page Frocks has decided to generously let us, Laura and myself give out one copy of her two most recent kits to a lucky winner!!! Here are the details :)

So as stated all you have to do to win a copy of Sweet Sweet Summertime is sign up as a follower on my blog and then leave a comment on THIS post. Then on the 15th I will have pick a winner! Woohoo! Be sure to go and sign up on Laura's BLOG also for a chance to win Nature's Playground! Make sure you sign up as a folower and leave me a comment in THIS POST with a way to contact you, so that I have a way to contact the winner with a coupon code :) Here are some layouts I did with Sweet Sweet Summertime in case you missed them :)
Have a great day, good luck with the giveaway and happy scrapping!