Monday, November 2, 2009

Some pics and stuff

So I decided that I wanted to schedule a photo shoot with the girls at least once a month. I don't feel like I take enough pictures of my girls. (at least not good pics) Anyways we went Sunday for our October shoot (actually the 1st of November but whos counting?) we went to the arboretum which was PACKED! I really didn't know so many people go there just to hang out, we only have ever gone to do pictures for people, even though we have a family membership. But we really need to start going more, we bought a sandwhich and laid out a big blanket and they had a band playing, it was really cool. The pictures on the other hand did not go so well. We forgot the battery for my newer camera so I had to use the OLD digital rebel (like the first one!) but at least I brought it I guess. We also forgot the sippy cups, huge mistake! Neither of the girls wanted to cooperate but here are a few of the ones I could salvage.

anyways at least I got some new pics and hopefully next month goes better. I also have another freebie for you from the SAS-y lady contest. It was my week 2 entry called Soul Sisters. Hope you enjoy it!


Also, I was having so much fun being a Studio Crew temp at scrapbook graphics they asked me to stay full time!! YAY! I am so thrilled to be there and it is one of my very favorite sites anyway so it couldn't get much better! But they are having a chat tomorrow at 9pm EST and the theme is Color my World. Be sure to check it out and you could possibly win a gift certificate to Studio Peta!

Here are some more layouts I have done too. I have been in a funky mood lately and I think it shows in my layouts.

All of the layouts were made from products available at
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and wish you all happy scrapping!!!