Monday, December 28, 2009

A new start

So my poor blog has been VERY neglected!! I am starting a new year and I want to give my blog a fresh new start too. I want to post more about me, my life, my photos, what I have going on and my layouts of course :) I am going to participate in Tangie's Art Journal Caravan and I am really excited about doing something for ME! I think it will help me to have something that I do simply as a way to express myself. I am still giving designing a break and I am really not sure what will happen with that because I just don't forsee having the time needed to devote to it. I still have my one store open at CSD so I guess we'll see. I want to share my art journal pages on here so be on the lookout for that and of course the occasional freebie too :) But for now hopefully I can give my blog a new look and such before the new year. I'll be back and enjoy the last little bit of this decade!! I have big plans for the next one!