Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Journal Valentine

My husband is sooooo sweet and he sent me a bunch of poems on Valentines Day through my e-mails, text messages and facebook. So I kept finding sweet little things he wrote for me all day and even a couple days later. But I didn't think about doing anything since we were on vacation and were going to be at the parades all day. Well this is my attempt at making it up to him since I was such a horrible wife this Valentine's Day. So here is a belated valentine for my Soulmate and the most wonderful husband who ever lived!

I would copy the journaling but it is kinda mushy so if you really want to read it I think you can click the image to enlarge or look in my scrapbook graphics gallery and you can see it better there. Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  1. Hi darling, I love this page, just stopping by to catch up with ya. I miss ya, and like you said a few posts before, we have ya at CSD, so you have your little corner over there. If you decide to come back with more, or add what you create once in a while, we'll gladly display it for ya hun. Have missed ya oodles darlin. Hugs Addie

  2. I've been going through your blog and took a peek at where you are selling at already, and I love your work. If you are interested in selling at another store, I'd love to have you with us. Come check us out and email me at Hope to hear from you soon!